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SFB (Skype for Business)

Infoqort provides one of the most unparalleled Skype for Business Solutions. It is nothing but One Cloud Microsoft that helps to improve the way people work together in a company.

As a core part of the unified communication and collaboration services, the Skype for Business offers some of the competent solutions that you have not recognized earlier and missed the best parts of your business.

Infoqort now offers One Cloud Microsoft services on a per month basis, along with SharePoint and Exchange. We are one of the elite partners of Skype for Business to provide the highest level of experience, training and commitment to the Skype for Business platform user. It is able to deliver on a global scale.

Features in Skype for Business that Facilitates You
  • Audio conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • IP telephony
  • Desktop sharing and collaboration
Benefits of Using Skype for Business
  • Get the freedom to talk to anyone and however you want. You can get them on audio, video or web conferencing
  • Cut or reduce on all type of communication costs. You can cut mobile phone bills by up to 30 percent, email traffic by up to 40 percent, and voicemail by up to 15 percent.
  • Cut on all type of travel costs as it provides you with improved face to face communication, so you do not need to travel much. It reduces carbon footprints too.
  • Comes with a flexible architecture to suit you
  • Robust cloud infrastructure that minimizes your downtime
Hire Infoqort

All you need to do is call our experts and take up the packages and offer we have for the Skype for Business platform. Call to know more.

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