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Do you want to transform your company’s data into rich visuals? Do you want to collect and connect the data at one place so that you can surf them any time you want?

In today’s global world, big data and business intelligence go hand-in-hand. So Microsoft has enabled some of the superficial tools that helps to empower your business and let it ride the growth.

Microsoft's cloud-based business intelligence service known as Power BI, integrates the power of Excel and Office 365 to help you discover, analyze and visualize data just like the way you have never done before.

Power BI comes with department specific solutions to help you understand the data in order to make better business decisions. You will come across a number of departmental functions as well in Power BI that help to enlighten your business scopes.

Industries Who Uses Power BI
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR
  • Operations & Logistics
Services in Power BI That Infoqort Offers
  • Design and Implementation Services
  • Data Visualization Services
  • Embed BI analytics in app
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Make data happen and stay organized with the use of Power BI. To know more about this tool call us and let us give you a demo.

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