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JAM (Jewelry Artisan Management) is one of the popular and newly recognized tool in the market that has been launched by Infoqort recently.

It is one of the unique solution that is helping local jewelry artisans to a great extent. It helps to manage their business and keep a distinct note on their production scales and delivery all under one roof.

What are the exceptional features of JAM?
  • Well it helps the local artisans to keep themselves about the raw data collected
  • Helps to keep on the number of finished products delivered
  • It helps to make easy calculations of the payments and charges of the labors that they need to disburse
  • The users come to know every detail of their inventory and keeps a track of their productions accordingly.
  • It helps to be aware about the exact loss incurred during production process
How the JAM platform works?

All jewelry wholesalers and retailers received their finished ornaments from local artisans. They issue raw gold/stones to the artisans and received finished goods from them and pay labor charges instead. Artisans use this product to receive order and gold or precious gems and stones from party.

Similarly, they can issue the same to factory/artisans, receive finished goods from factory, payable to smith, barcode the items and send it back to party. This entire process is getting captured through the use of this software. The user is able to know what the inventory is, what is the status for finished goods that too showroom wise at a time. How much gold is lying in factory, what amount they have used in the current production and many other compatible features.

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