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About Us

Infoqort Technologies is a Microsoft Partner in that provides a wide range of services, from Outsourcing, Business Consultancy, IT consultancy and vertical solutions such as Manufacturing,
​Integration, ​Jewellery & Other Business related solutions. The Increased pace of change required by the high-tech business ecology, globalization, profitable growth, and customer demands placed intellectual capital and knowledge at a focal position it’s at this point where our role as business experts comes into the scene as an ERP solution provider as well as an ERP partner that is capable of driving different solutions to different line of businesses. Infoqort Technologies offers skilled expertise and experience and different environmental understanding which is considered as our greatest strength that will be provided to our clients in a way that fits their individual business needs and demands.

Taking into consideration the global high-tech environment’s level of complexity, specialized IT solutions, expertise and competencies are extremely recommended to efficiently manage the diverse demands imposed by the business ecology upon various organizations. Advancing the utilization of Information Technology solutions and Computing speculations is the focal point around which our strategic business orientation revolves.

Our Team

Meet the magical 50+ IT consultants, software engineers and application developers.